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Publication output

Proceeding :
  1. NST Proceeding
Journal :
  1. Indonesian Journal of Medical Science and Public Health
  2. Bioinformatics and Biomedical Research Journal
  3. Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Indonesia
  4. International Journal of Human and Health Sciences (IJHHS)
  5. Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science
  6. Jurnal Ekonomi Dan Statistik Indonesia
  7. Indonesian Journal Of Islamic Economics Research
  8. Basic And Applied Nursing Research Journal (BANR)
  9. Indonesian Journal Of Social Science Research (IJSSR)
  10. Journal Health & Science : Gorontalo Journal Health And Science Community
Scopus :
  1. Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences (MJMHS)
  2. Pan African Medical Journal (Q3)
  3. International Journal Bioautomation (Q3)


FIMA accepts health, social, information technology, economic, business, education, islamic and all study related to covid-19 and other disease.
  1. Biomedical research
  2. Immunology
  3. Virology
  4. Molecular Biology
  5. Bioinformatics
  6. Natural Product research
  7. Public health
  8. Mental illness research
  9. Social and economic impacts of covid-19
  10. Islamic approach related to pandemic
  11. Clinical studies/approach
  12. Nutrition